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Calvin Aurand is an American writer, filmmaker, creative developer, and strategist who began his career in the late 1990s as a record label executive. Aurand has directed, shot and produced sports documentaries, tour documentaries, band documentaries, and live shows for artists including Shakira, Tony Bennett, Beyoncé, Incubus, John Mayer, Tori Amos, One Direction, and Harry Styles, among others. He has been the creative director of music videos by artists such as Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Ozzy Osbourne, Carly Simon, Cyndi Lauper, The Fray, and Natasha Bedingfield.

Aurand earned his B.A. in history and economics in 1995 at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. After graduating, he co-founded Tubetone Records where he managed and produced records for prominent Wisconsin blues guitarist, Chris Aaron (1970-2014).

In 1999, Aurand relocated to New York and joined Sony Music Entertainment as manager of video, DVD, and creative marketing. In 2003, Sony Music transferred Aurand to Los Angeles, California to head the creative marketing division for Epic and Columbia records. There, he led the in-house production team, directed and produced artist documentaries, live concert films, and digital content, and filmed exclusive content for Sony Music re-release platforms. In 2005, Sony Music Commercial Music Group tapped Aurand as senior director of video, DVD, and creative marketing for all labels under the Sony Music banner. In this role, he executive produced live music videos, EPKs, artist interviews, and artist documentaries. From 2007 to 2010, as VP and Head of Content for Epic Records, Aurand oversaw the visual imaging of the label’s artists, including styling, creative visual direction, and online visual marketing. He managed and directed all aspects of production for Epic’s music videos, online content, live concert films, and artist documentaries.

2011-present: Shift from label executive to creative

Aurand left Epic Records at the end of 2010, in the wake of mass record label layoffs and budget slashes due to free peer-to-peer file-sharing services and the shift to digital music over the previous decade.

In 2011, Aurand founded production and still-photography house, Upper Falls, and began doing camera work for live award shows, the American Express Unstaged series, David Blaine’s “Electrified,” and creative development for TV events by FX Networks.

In 2012, Aurand was approached by Sony Music to document the UK boy band, One Direction’s official arrival in the U.S. Aurand captured the band opening for the American boy band, Big Time Rush on the Better with U Tour. After the tour’s completion, One Direction hired Aurand as their documentarian and official photographer, a position he held until 2015 when they disbanded. Over that period, Aurand’s exclusive photos and backstage snapshots were published in three books about the band by publisher HarperCollins. He provided content for the feature film, This Is Us (2013), and photographed the movie posters. In 2015, Aurand, co-directed the Brit Award winning music video for the One Direction track, “History,” released in 2016.

In 2016-2017, Aurand documented and photographed Harry Styles as he created his self-titled debut solo album. Aurand’s cinematography, photography and archival footage is featured in Harry Styles: Behind the Album (2017), an Apple Music documentary, filmed in Los Angeles, London, and Jamaica.

In 2017, Upper Falls began production on a feature documentary about NFL quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. The film is produced in association with the NFL, with Aurand as writer, producer, director, and cinematographer and is set for release in 2020.

In Fall of 2019, Aurand began the feature documentary Never Again? for organization CUFI and set for release in theaters and streaming in October 2020.


Aurand’s photography has been featured in multiple commercial album releases and tour merchandising, and in publications including 17 Magazine, Teen Vogue, Revlon, Bentley, and Billboard Magazine. Three One Direction books, “Where We Are,” “Who We Are,” and “Meet One Direction,” feature Aurand’s photography, along with the One Direction Annuals from 2013-2016 by UK-based publisher HarperCollins.


Never Again? (2020) – Writer / Director / Director of Photography

Marvel Hero Project (2019) – Director of Photography

Harry Styles: Behind the Album (2017) – Documentarian

One Direction This Is Us Feature Film (2013) – Documentarian

Nickelodeon WINX “We Are Believex”  (2012) – Director

One Direction: Tour Documentary (2012) – Director

John Tesh: Big Band Live on PBS (2011) – Director

Mudvayne: Nexus.Life.Death. (2010) – Producer

The Fray: Live in NYC (2009) – Executive Producer

Tenacious D: Complete Masterworks Vol 2 (2009) – Executive Producer

Between the Lines: Sara Bareilles Live at the Fillmore (2008) – Executive Producer

Ben Folds Way To Normal (2008) Incubus Look Alive (2007) – Executive Producer

The Beyonce Experience (2007) – Executive Producer

Shakira Oral Fixation Tour 2007 (2007) – Executive Producer

Ben Folds: Live at My Space (2007) – Producer

Matisyahu: Live in Israel (2006) – Director / Producer

Satriani Live (2006) – Producer

Tony Bennett: Duets – The Making of an American Classic (2006) – Producer / Executive Producer

Anastacia: Live at Last (2006) – Executive Producer

Destiny’s Child: Live in Atlanta (2006) – Executive Producer

INXS: Switch (2006) – Executive Producer

Duran Duran Astronaut (2005) – Executive Producer

Ben Folds and Waso Live in Perth (2005) – Executive Producer

Il Divo (2005) – Executive Producer

John Legend: Live at the House of Blues (2005) – Executive Producer

Carly Simon: A Moonlight Serenade on the Queen Mary 2 (2005) – Producer / Executive Producer

Peter Gallagher: 7 Days in Memphis (2005) – Executive Producer

G3 Live in Tokyo (2005) – Executive Producer

Good Charlotte Fast Future Generation (2005) – Executive Producer

Bette Midler Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook (2005) – Executive Producer

Our Lady Peace: Healthy in Paranoid Times (2005) – Director / Producer

Omarion (2005) – Director / Producer

John Mayer: Heavier Things – The Paul Reddy Show (2005) – Executive Producer

Incubus Alive at Red Rocks (2004) – Executive Producer

Tori Amos: Scarlet Sessions (2003) – Director / Executive Producer

(Creative Director)

Sweet N Low

Alkaline Trio
Help Me

Ben Folds
You Don’t Know Me Hiroshima

Right Here (Departed)
Long Distance

Carly Simon
Into White
Scarborough Fair
Quiet Evening
Oh! Susanna

Well Enough Alone
I Get It
The Fad
Letters to a Thief

Cyndi Lauper
Into The Nightlife

The Dey
Give You The World

End Ever After
Baby Baby Baby
I Wanna Be Your Man

The Fray
Never Say Never
You Found Me

Baby Its Fact

Howie Day
Be There

Black Heart Inertia

Jennifer Lopez
Do It Well

Hold It Don’t Drop It
Me Haces Falta
Fresh Out The Oven

Lamb Of God
Set To Fail

The Show
Trouble is a Friend

Low Vs Diamond
Heart Attack
Don’t Forget Sister

One Day


Michael Jackson
This Is It

A New Game
Beautiful and Strange
Do What You Do
Dull Boy
Scream With Me

Natasha Bedingfield
Love Like This
Pocketful of Sunshine

The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello)
One Man Revolution

Nipsey Hussle
Hussle in the house

Ozzy Osbourne
Don’t Wanna Stop
In My Life

Already Over

Sara Bareilles
Love Song
Bottle It Up
Winter Song

Sean Kingston
Fire Burning
Face Drop
Eenie Meenie

She Wolf
Did It Again
Give It Up To Me


Vendetta Red

The White Tie Affair
Candle (sick and tired) x2
Mr. Right
Take It Home

Young Berg
Sexy Lady